Overweight And Obesity In The World

Overweight And Obesity In The World


         Welcome to my blog how to lost weight and I hope you all will be very well and healthy. Today we will talk on overweight and obesity problems in the world and I hope you will read and understand it well.

What is overweight and obesity ?   

     A person whose weight exceeds what's considered as a standard weight adjusted for height is described as being overweight or obese.According to the 2013-2014 data of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)
 • over one in three adults were considered overweight.

 • over two out of three adults were considered overweight or obese.

 • over one in three adults were considered obese.

 • Approximately obesity was considered excessive in thirteen adults.

 • Approximately six children and adolescents aged two to nineteen years were considered obese.

Causes and health consequences of overweight and obesity
                Factors that contribute to weight gain among adults and youth include eating, genes, TV, computers, physical inactivity, phones, and others. Overweight and obesity invite health problems.

The World Health Organization says that controlling the worldwide obesity epidemic could be a big challenge. 

                At the opposite end of the size of malnutrition, obesity is one among the foremost clearly visible problems today, yet the foremost neglected pathological state. This epidemic of overweight and obesity has become a world epidemic and is spreading rapidly within the world and if this problem of overweight and obesity If immediate action isn't taken, then numerous people may suffer from serious health disorders. 

Overweight And Obesity In The World

By 2000, the quantity of obese adults has exceeded 300 million. it's estimated that over 115 million people suffer from obesity-related problems. Generally, the speed of overweight are often higher in men and obesity rate is higher in women. Obesity for both could be a huge invitation for non-infectious diseases associated with severe diet, including diabetes, heart condition, high force per unit area, and lots of diseases.

America has the best obesity rate within the world            

             The National Center for Health Statistics estimates that 39.8% of adults aged 20.8 and older (including 7.6% with severe obesity) were in the US in 2015–2016, and another 31.8% were overweight. Over the past several decades, obesity rates have increased in the United States for all population groups. once Federal health officials said 20 years had passed, the U.S. Facing a "growing obesity epidemic" and placing numerous lives at stake, things has worsened since 1999. 30.5% of yank adults were obese, meaning that the World Health Organization had a body mass index of 30 or more individuals. This rate increased substantially through 2015–2016, helping to push health-related issues like diabetes, heart condition, and a few cancers. in keeping with data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the obesity rate reached 42.4% in 2017-2018.

Overweight And Obesity In The World

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How can overweight and obesity be reduced ?

               Overweight and obesity, further as their associated non-communicable diseases, are largely preventable. the selection of the healthiest foods and regular physical activity because the easiest option (the most accessible, available and cheap choice) and so supportive environment and community for preventing overweight and obesity are fundamental in shaping people's choices. 

People can do certain tasks at individual level which are as follows:

1. increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, further as legumes, whole grains, and nuts.
2. Engage in regular physical activity (60 minutes for youth and 150 minutes  for adults spanning the week).
3. If everyone takes personal responsibility over themselves, then it can have full effect.
4.Where people have a healthy lifestyle. They should support individuals and organizations that provide physical activity and healthy dietary choices, especially at the social level, to the poorest individuals.

                     I would like to request the readers to start some physical exercise even if they are not obese or over weight so that you are physically and mentally healthy as well as many people will be motive and join you by seeing you. 

   I will give you a very excellent 100 tips to reduce obesity and overweight in my upcoming articles, which if you make it a part of your life, then you will be included in the list of healthy people of the world. If you want to get further articles regarding obesity and overweight, then write your email id in the comment box.

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