Upper stomach fat roll | Upper belly fat


The most difficult area is to reduce upper stomach fat roll while exercising. Losing the upper stomach fat roll definitely takes a lot of time and effort.
One special secret to losing upper stomach fat roll.  
The Exercise Ball - The exercise ball is a fun-looking exercise in exercise equipment. Many people looking for a flat stomach have definitely reduced upper stomach fat roll by an exercise ball. You too can try this inexpensive, beautiful and comfortable exercise at home. and more magical and specials tips and tricks you can read below. 

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 Upper belly fat and upper stomach fat roll are the same, they have only one word difference, "upper stomach fat roll" has added the word roll but we have same meaning in both these words, so we have Not to be confused, we only have to reduce our enlarged stomach, for which we want a way that we can easily add to our daily routine and in a few days our stomach becomes slim trim stomach. 

Studies show that people with abdominal fat suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, high blood sugar, insulin resistance syndrome (metabolic syndrome X) and heart disease. This is why some experts believe that waist circumference and fat distribution are more important than actual weight in predicting potential health risks.
A combination of factors, such as gender, age, and genetic inheritance, determines the location in which your surplus calories are stored as fat. It has been commonly observed that most men accumulate fat around their middle region; And it is known as apple shaped body. Whereas, women accumulate fat around the pelvic area, hips, butt and thighs; And it is known as pear shaped body.

Upper stomach fat roll | Upper belly fat



Upper Stomach Fat: You have an upper fat belly. If your metabolism slows down, you lack exercise and you eat a lot on desserts and cold drinks. As a remedy for such belly fat, it is better that you switch to natural sugar, as it is harder to suddenly drop sweets on your part. Start by using honey as an alternative to white sugar, and try to change your taste buds to achieve the goal of losing belly fat gradually.

Lower Belly Fat: This type of stomach is yours if you sit in your office all day, sit straight after your meal, do not drink water, and often suffer from constipation. As a solution, we recommend you to drink more lactobacillus drinks, as lactobacillus and cellulose can help reduce your constipation, accelerate gastrointestinal motility and flush out waste from your body.

       We also recommend that you reduce your salt intake because salinity can cause your body to absorb more starchiness, and cause hydrops in your body. By keeping or reducing your salt intake, stomach upset will be prevented.

Fat waist: This type of abdominal fat makes you feel terrible because fat accumulates in the area of ​​your waist. The reason behind this is that you eat too much food. Try to control what you are eating today. Slow down before swallowing your food, enjoy the taste and chew well. This will make you feel full quickly. Avoid fried and oily food. Try to have a plate of green salad before the main course. It is better to have steamed food.



Careful if your upper stomach is very bloated due to fat. These 5 habits are responsible for this, due to which your upper stomach fat roll is increasing and is not taking the name of decreasing.


The idea of ​​our habits can be applied to our health, similar is the condition of upper stomach fat roll. If you do not improve your habits then your upper stomach fat roll will not reduce.


So let's tell you which are those habits, because of which your stomach fat is not being named.


Don't Sleep Well


Lack of sleep produces a special hormone that arouses more hunger in one person and another hormone starts producing less so that you feel full and satisfied, so when we are deprived of sleep, we are more than normal Let's eat food.


Do Not Take A Good Diet


Not taking a good diet causes upper stomach fat roll to increase. In between office and housework, it becomes difficult for the ladies nowadays to take time to get a good diet. In such a situation, the focus is not on good diet, but on those food items that are made quickly and also tasty, due to which breakfast or lunch noodles become an important part of the diet. If you do not change this habit soon, then you will not be able to reduce your upper stomach fat roll.


Eat More Junk Food


Processed food increases inflammation in the body, and this, in turn, reduces the body's ability to reduce upper stomach fat roll. These substances are also rich in saturated fats and trans fats. They are also helpful in making you feel less full which increases the quantity of your food and in turn increases the fat of the stomach.


Tension Over


A woman has to take care of many things simultaneously throughout the day. Handling so many different things, ranging from taking care of children and home, and not knowing how many more things can happen, increases your stress levels.


An increase in stress promotes cortisol hormone. Cortisol increases the amount of fat that makes your body fat cells larger, making it even more difficult to lose weight.


Most of the weight gained in this way can be seen around the abdominal area. Stress causes the body to release adrenaline, and this affects digestion. You start consuming more processed food without thinking about how to deal with stress.


Being Lazy


Being too lazy too much does not allow the fat to be reduced because when you are too lazy, you will run away from exercising and in such a situation, sitting slowly will increase the upper stomach fat roll. It is very important for you to change this habit.



Upper stomach fat roll | Upper belly fat


          Eat more than two foods at every meal. Legumes such as beans and bean pods; Green vegetables such as spinach, spinach, etc.; Nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts; Milk (fat-free, low-fat milk or acidophilus milk); Instant oatmeal containing less sugar; Non-veg items such as turkey meat, eggs and other lean meats; Enriched foods like olive oil, flax oil, sun flower oil and avocado; Whole grains such as wheat, millet and oats; And; Fruits such as grapes, strawberries, carbamol and guava.


        As a result of lack of nutrition and a powerful feeling of hunger when you are eating, your body will be rapidly accumulating more fat. You can prevent the accumulation of fat by taking 5 to 6 consecutive small meals as compared to the normal three large meals. 


      Beverages that are carbonated and which are alcoholic have high calorie content in addition to lack of nutrition. They slow down the fat burning process and make your system more fat-rich. So, it is better that you use drinks like acidophilus milk, fruit juices, vegetable juices, low fat milk, vegetable soups etc. These help you lose weight apart from being nutritious.

        Prepare fruit juices at home, so that you can choose fruits and do not include sugar. This will prevent the intake of extra calories. Take about 250 - 300 ml of fresh fruit juice per day.

 Drinking acidophilus milk also reduces weight. In one experiment, one set of people was made to drink acidophilus milk at the rate of three cups a day, while another set of people did not. When a comparison was made between these two sets of people 12 weeks later, it was found that sixty percent of the fat was lost in those who were fed acidophilus.


Drink lots of water at frequent intervals every day. Although it is said that drinking eight glasses of water every day is beneficial, drinking more than 8 glasses of water will help in weight loss. Drinking ice cold water or warm lemon water is more important in weight loss.

Drinking water helps you lose weight by ensuring proper digestion, speeding up a good nutrient, boosting metabolism and increasing your energy levels.


Do not go for calorie counting. Instead, make a written record of all changes in your body during your weight loss program in terms of your size and your weight. With this you can record the foods that help you lose weight.


You are only dieting, so you do not need to starve yourself. Never miss your meal. Eat within four hours of your last meal. Have a nutritious and heavy breakfast, as your breakfast fuels you for the rest of the day. You can reduce the size of your food.  


When your body is stressed, it produces cortisol, a hormone responsible for your abdominal fat. So avoid stress. Seek help when your workload is beyond your bearing capacity. Also get enough sleep.

Upper stomach fat roll | Upper belly fat


Exercise is a great way to reduce belly fat. Belly exercises mainly focus on your abdominal area, and therefore produce results quicker than any other type of exercise. Abdominal exercises however are not the way to lose belly fat, as they only help you build muscles and strengthen them in your stomach area.They do not help you reduce belly fat in any way.

We will give you knowledge of some exercises which help in burning the belly fat and leveling your stomach. There are many abdominal fat burning exercises. We have listed several exercises below that will help you burn belly fat. Practice any of the following exercises in the order given below, and you will see its results in a few weeks.


Select and practice any two exercises from the following exercises as per your convenience.

1: Lie on a mat with your back and let your feet touch the ground. Place both your hands at a 90 degree angle to your body, and press down on the ground. Take a breath and exhale. When you exhale, move your knees to your left to reach the floor. You will have a tired feeling on your belly sides. Now do the same exercise on the other side. Practice this 5 times.

2: Lay your back flat on the surface of a mat. Raise your legs and your upper body at an angle of 30 degrees and hold it for thirty seconds. Now return to the initial state. During the asana, try to breathe normally. You can repeat this asana at least ten times and maximum of thirty times daily. This practice is known as naukasana yoga asana, and it helps to tighten and contract your upper and lower abdominal area.

3: Lay your back on the ground, your hands on your sides. Curl your head. Without using any effort with your arms, try to elevate yourself. This practice is known as curl up.

4: Keep your back bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor at a 90 degree angle. Keep your hands behind your head. Try to pull your knees towards your chest while breathing. Raise your upper body at an angle of thirty degrees and hold for a period of three seconds and then exhale. Practice this fifteen times.

5: Bend down with your heel pointing in a high direction. Rest your head on the ground and feel the tension on your stomach. Hold for a period of ten seconds, and then return to the starting position. Practice this exercise ten times.

6: While sitting on your knees, allow your heel to touch your buttock. Now place your hands on your stomach and shift your head towards the ground. You will feel tension on your stomach part. Hold for a period of thirty seconds and then return to the starting position. Practice this ten times. Schedule two stomach work.

Upper stomach fat roll | Upper belly fat



1: Keep your back on the ground and bend your knees at a 90 degree angle. Raise your hips slightly higher and hold for a period of 5 to 10 seconds. Practice this 15 times.

2: Kneel and point your heel in an upward direction. Push your belly part outward while placing your arms on your knees and threatening your back. It is known as Ustrasana yoga asana. Initially practice this asana 10 times and gradually increase the number to 30.

3: Keeping your hands O behind your head, keep your body flat on the ground. Place your feet on a bench or a chair so that your upper legs make a 90-degree angle with it. Strain your stomach by raising your upper back off the floor.

4: Lie on a mat keeping your back behind your head. Relieve your abdominal area and hold it for two seconds for some time. Now return to the initial state. Repeat this 15 times.

5: Place your back on the ground on top of a mat and pretend to cycle by shaking your feet. Perform gradual pedaling motion alternately with both of your legs. Do this exercise for thirty five seconds while breathing normally.

6: This is postpartum exercise. That is, to practice this exercise if you have developed a fat belly after your delivery. Alternately tense and relax your stomach, perineal, and pelvic muscles to strengthen them. Suck in your stomach as much as possible, and hold for a period of ten seconds. Now let it rest. This postpartum exercise that involves contraction and relaxation of several muscles can be standing in any position, such as sitting, or lying down.

Upper stomach fat roll | Upper belly fat



First Magical Exercise For Upper Stomach Fat Is Medicine Ball Burpe

Add a medicine ball to your BUP to increase exercise intensity and boost your metabolism - all while creating a smooth set of six-pack abs.

How to do a medicine ball: Hold the medicine ball with both hands, with your feet apart from the shoulder. Raise the ball to the overhead, then bang the ball down on the ground as loudly as you can, bending over and keeping your butt backwards as you sit on the slam. As you bend, bend your knees. Place your hands on the ground outside your feet and jump back into a high position. Keep your body in a straight line. Then, jump your feet towards the outer part of your hands so that you are doing squats. Pick up the ball and push it upward, extending your body and standing tall.

Second Magical Exercise For Upper Stomach Fat Is Overhead Medicine Ball Slam

The overhead medicine ball slam makes your core stronger as it works against gravity. This practice also tests your endurance, your heart rate increases every time you lift the ball. To get the most out of this exercise, be sure to use a heavy weight ball.

How to slam an overhead medicine ball: Hold the medicine ball with both hands, with your legs extended hip-width apart. Extending your body completely, push both arms upwards. Slam the ball forward and down on the ground. Extend your arms towards the ground as you slam and are afraid to bend your knees as it rests on you. Squat to lift the ball and then back up.

Third Magical Exercise For Upper Stomach Fat Is Russian twists

Russian twists are a core practice that improves slant strength and definition. The move, usually done with a medicine ball or plate, is to sit with your torso rotating from side to side while your feet are off the ground.

How to do Russian twist: Keep your knees on the ground and feet on the ground. Hold a medicine ball with your hands at chest height. Bend backwards with a long, elongated spine, hold your torso at a 45 degree angle and place your arms a few inches away from your chest. From here, bend your torso to the right, stop and squeeze your right oblique muscle, then bend your torso to the left and squeeze your left oblique muscle. The movement should come from your ribs and not your arms.

At the end of the article, if you want to reduce upper abdominal fat, start changing your diet, drink more water, avoid stress, sleep at least six to eight hours a night and get regular exercise. With some efforts to understand the reasons for your weight gain, you will be able to achieve the fitness goals you want. You will gain benefits after some time, so today, try to reduce the fat on your stomach, so that after a few days, the world will meet a very beautiful person.

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