This article will provide you some tips that will help you lose fat and gain muscle. The simple fact is that fat loss occurs through hard work, knowledge and dedication.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is establish a consultation with a dietician or nutritionist and establish an eating program that meets your tastes and needs.

I do not recommend any specific diet plan to anyone because everyone has different tastes, different strengths, different arrangements.


3 Top Most Basic Lose Fat And Gain Muscle Tips


Lose Fat And Gain Muscle Tip Number 1

Building muscle is important for fat loss in that it takes twice as much energy (calories) to support and maintain muscle. This results in high calorie expenditure which later results in fat loss.

Some people advice starving the body to lose weight, while it may look good on a scale, it does not look good in the mirror. Starving the body breaks the muscle and is used as energy.

But when this is done the weight on the scale is reduced but the fat sticks around. This is because in a step of self preservation the body will store fat and burn muscle because it does not know when its next meal is coming.

The body's primary source of fuel is fat and it prefers to use it when it suits all circumstances. The next source of fuel that the body taps for energy expenditure is carbohydrates.

Your body uses this energy for long-term aerobic types of workouts such as jogging or marathon running. It is not good to starve the body of this kind of energy again because it will cause you to tap into the muscles for energy. It seems like a vicious cycle, but it is actually relatively easy to navigate.


Lose Fat And Gain Muscle Tip Number 2

The basic rule is to eat several small meals a day, and include at least one piece of protein. The rest of the meal should be included in what are called "light-carbs", including apples, bananas, oranges, spinach, corn, carrots, etc.

The types of carbs that help you store fat include, but are not limited to, potatoes, pasta, bread, etc., as I mention. The third part of the meal should be mentioned as essential fat. These may include

Olive oil, eggs, fish oil, flax seed oil are not limited to omega 3 fats. These essential fats actually help the body achieve more leanness by which the body can burn its fuel more efficiently.

Lose Fat And Gain Muscle Tip Number 3

lose fat and gain muscle tip number 3 is water consumption. It is important to consume at least 64 ounces a day. This is a twofold agenda here, the first being that it will help flush out the body of toxins and the second is that it will ensure proper hydration for organ functions.

A good way to break the monotony is to mix in some crystal light that will add a bit of flavor. Water will also help in the breakdown of food in the digestive system.

Friends, if you have noticed, then you must have realized that the above three tips are part of your daily life, but the only difference is that the way to use them is different, if you take advice from a dietician as mentioned in this article. And by making a good diet plan and using these three lose fat and gain muscle tips, then you will get the benefit of it very soon.

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