Overweight child diet plans

Overweight child diet plans

Today's children feel that eating at junk food, fast food and restaurants is more good and equitable, and nowadays most of the children eat food while watching mobile or TV.

Cold drinks, chips have become the common food of the children, and the children continue to eat it throughout the day, and the parents do not refuse that, let the child fill his stomach by eating something.
I would like to say here that if you do not stop your child from eating such a large amount of cold drinks and chips, then your child will have to suffer very serious consequences. 
You can skip reading this article here, if all the above mentioned things are not correct. So now you have to make an overweight child diet plans as a responsible parent.

Overweight child diet plans

Before making overweight child diet plans, I would like to say that you should not make your child's overweight a big and famous issue, because children are very sensitive, if they hear about their obesity again and again, their chances of going under stress will increase.
Secondly, by making your child's excess weight a very big and popular issue, his weight is not going to be reduced, but the children are likely to gain more weight due to stress. Therefore, you should concentrate on making overweight child diet plans by ignoring these things.

Overweight child diet plans

Today's children are very aware of themselves and you do not want them to feel worse than ever. I do not want to say that you ignore the problem of child overweight,

Medical reasons for overweight child

   You should have your child undergo a medical examination and ensure that the underlying condition is not the cause of his weight gain. Also if she is obese, then you should follow your doctor's advice regarding appropriate activities as well as recommended calorie intake and appropriate weight loss program. And by taking the advice of a doctor and dietician, you can make a better overweight child diet plans.

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Food is a pleasant activity and to enjoy food and it is the approach we need to adopt in our homes. As soon as you start banning particular items, you are almost guaranteed that your child wants them. Instead, we need to gradually re-educate them into healthy eating methods according to the overweight child diet plans we have created.
You can reduce your child's calorie intake according to overweight child diet plans so that they also do not pay attention. For example, try reducing their food size slightly. If they like pizza or curry, make it at home. You can reduce the amount of fat and salt that will help them lose pounds. Encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Overweight child diet plans

It may also be that you are already giving healthy food to your child, but healthy diet is also not affecting the child's excess weight. So you try to encourage the child to do additional activities like ball games, swimming, running etc.

Exercise program for overweight child

But I would like to tell you here that the body of a child grows at the age of 18 years, so you will not be able to lift the weight of your child below 18 years of age and do weight lifting. This can be harmful for them.
Diet plans for overweight children are not special, but our children only have healthy and nutritious food combined with regular exercise.
But I would like to say here that we have made an overweight child diet plans for the diet of overweight child, but should we not pay attention before that how to prevent childhood obesity.

The best way to prevent child obesity

    Initially try to serve your child a healthy breakfast. Breakfast jumps start your child's metabolism faster, preventing them from eating at lunch.

Overweight child diet plans
First of all reduce the fast food meals of children according to overweight child diet plans. Although it will be quite impossible to eliminate them completely, and children will crave for chips, fries and burgers, try to limit them at least once a week. And remove the cold drink from your child's routine.

    Make pure and nutritious family meals at home and feed children according to overweight child diet plans. You can help children learn a healthy attitude towards their food.
    Turn off the TV and turn off the PC according to overweight child diet plans. Invite your child to walk in the park. You can play some game in the park, walk your dog or even ride a bike.

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If you are able to do these overweight child diet plans strategies, then you will wonder how you can be disciplined and liberal in your children's eating habits.
Now you too should improve your eating lifestyle according to overweight child diet plans because children mostly learn by watching older.

How to help my overweight child lose weight

Losing weight is never easy, no matter how old you are. If you are a parent whose child is overweight, it is a good idea to talk to them about it. And encourage your child to stay healthy and live a healthy lifestyle according to overweight child diet plans.

Overweight child diet plans

The most effective thing you can do is a good example. While you are cooking, prepare a low-fat, low-calorie meal for your family. Every meal should be nutritious, but avoid singling out a child. Prepare healthy food for your whole family.
Never use cold drinks or chips as a reward. Do not give your children cold drink or chips as a bribe to do something like homework or work. Your children should think of healthy eating as a lifestyle choice and the reward has nothing to do with it.
After keeping your diet under control according to overweight child diet plans, focus on staying active. Encourage the whole family to go out for organized or intramural sports.
You can add overweight child diet plans to go for a walk with the whole family after each dinner, which will help your child get fit and consider physical activity a natural part of their day.
Do not be discouraged if the weight never reduces rapidly. Teach your child the value of small changes and convince them that they have to lose weight slowly, eat healthy and exercise with your child so that they learn by watching you.

As we read above and we know that today, about 1 in 4 children in developed countries, especially teenagers are overweight or obese. Here we are talking about 8 to 15 years old children. Excess weight puts children at risk for developing serious health problems, including emotional weight. Low self-esteem, negative body image or even depression can cause other children to tease and out.

Side effects of childhood obesity:

Obese children may be more tight and cramped than their normal weight peers.

They are at high risk for developing health conditions such as asthma, sleep apnea, bone problems or type 2 diabetes.

Obese children are more likely to have high blood pressure and high cholesterol than their normal weight peers.

Obesity causes children at risk of developing cancer in their adulthood.

Causes of childhood obesity:

Busy families eat more often.
The trend of large dining portions in restaurants and at home.
Excess sugar intake in sweet drinks, juices, shake, confection, cakes, chocolate or ice cream.
Children spend more time watching TV, playing video games or sitting at the computer.
Low physical activity.

Dietary tips for childhood obesity

Include lots of fruits, vegetables.

Follow the rainbow color plate method. Include as many colored vegetables in your child's plate throughout the day.

Substitute for whole grains over refined flour.

Encourage eating of products containing brown rice, quinoa, oats, broken wheat or bran.

Restrict the use of refined flour products such as cakes, muffins, naan, bakery products or added sugar.

Replace high fat foods with dairy, eggs, poultry, fish, beans, soy, and sprouts.

Eat whole-fat milk and products with low-fat products
Select a low-fat smoothie over a high-calorie shake or ice cream.

Remove soda or any aerated drink from the diet.

Offer small portions in food. Let the child ask for more. This develops a feeling of hunger in the child and how much food is needed.

Experiment with herbs and spices. 

Stock your fridge with healthy foods as well. Keep high calorie foods out of reach from children.

Reduce the frequency of eating out. Eat homemade food as much as possible.

Discourage eating in front of television, computers, or other electronic devices.

Healthy breakfast options for childhood obesity:

Give fresh fruit or fruit juice instead of canned fruit or juice
Substitute low-fat yogurt with fruit, dried fruit or granola topping.

Include lots of fresh vegetables in different ways in foods. Cut vegetables into different shapes or use in every recipe.

You can serve air-popped popcorn without butter or sprouts or roasted nuts or beans.

How can you help your child develop healthy habits in addition to eating clean? here are some tips that will help them overcome childhood obesity.

Parents need to be a good role model.

Parents should start consuming healthy foods and choose an active past.

Educate your child about what he needs to be healthy and how to make healthy decisions.

Discuss physical activities and the importance of certain foods and drinks that can help strengthen them and stay healthy.

Exposure limits to screen outside school no more than one hour a day.

Your child needs adequate sleep. At least 8 to 10 hours of sleep will keep all stress-related health problems at bay.

Indian diet plan for childhood obesity

Encourage daily physical activity in your child:

Identify which activity or sport your child enjoys the most. Let your child choose a favorite activity and do it regularly.

Even at home they should be involved in simple indoor fun activities like jumping rope, catching or playing shooting baskets.

Parents should also engage in outdoor activities with the child and whenever possible.

A minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity is required for children. They can do any sport, outdoor sport or cycling, swimming, running or dancing.

Do not be discouraged if the weight never reduces rapidly. Teach your child the value of small changes and convince them that they have to lose weight slowly, eat healthy and exercise with your child so that they learn by watching you.
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