Upper belly bloat is a very common problem. When this problem occurs, the stomach feels bloated and tight. This is usually due to gas filling in the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, the stomach appears larger than usual and sometimes there is pain in the stomach. There is also a problem of bloating due to fluid retention.



How To Spot The Difference And Reverse Both !

In order to create a plan that best fits your needs, it's important to first pinpoint what you're experiencing: are you bloated or are you experiencing belly fat ? what causes each and how you can reverse them.

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Digestive Problems- upper belly bloat due to constipation, food allergy etc. When feces are collected in the large intestine, there is a problem of blotting and discomfort. Apart from this, there is also the problem of blotting when the stool collects more gas in the stomach.


Eating - Soft drinks, soda, tea, caffeine or eating too much salt and sugar or lack of fiber also cause bloating problems.


Apart from this, some women have bloating problems before and after menstruation due to hormonal changes and water retention.


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We are telling you ways to get rid of this very common problem, with the help of which you can get relief from the problem of upper belly bloat immediately.




Try the following remedies for quick relief from upper belly bloat.


Walk On Upper Belly Bloat


Those who remain physically active, their intestines are also active, due to which the excess gas and feces comes out of their stomach easily. If constipation is the problem, it is very important to keep moving the intestines. Hence, walk in case of gas problem. This will give you instant relief from gas.


Try Yogasan On Upper Belly Bloat


Some Yogasanas put pressure on the abdominal muscles in such a way that the excess gas is easily released. This gives relief from blotting. Apart from this, by doing swots (a type of exercise), it is also easy to release gas.


Eat Pipermint Oil Capsules On Upper Belly Bloat


Consuming peppermint oil capsules also relieves indigestion and gas. It is commonly used to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but you can consume it even if you have a problem of bloating. 


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Pipermint relaxes the muscles of the intestines, so that gas and feces come out easily. To take it, the instructions given on the packet should be read carefully. People who have problems with chest irritation, they should abstain from taking Pipermint. Peppermint Capsules is available in the medical store or online.


Massage The Abdomen When Upper Belly Bloat


Massaging the abdomen brings activeness in the intestines. Massage of the large intestine is especially beneficial. For this, place your hands just above the right hip bone and massage it in circular motion while giving light pressure.


Essential Oils Are Beneficial For Upper Belly Bloat


In a 2016 study, 116 people who had stomach problems were asked to take supplements with fennel and curcumin essential oils. The study found that after consuming it for 30 days, they got a lot of benefit. But one thing is worth noting that essential oil supplements should not be consumed without doctor's advice.


Take A Shower With Hot Water When You Have Upper Belly Bloat


Taking a bath with warm water provides relief from bloated stomach. This relaxes the body and reduces stress, which makes the gastrointestinal tract work well and provides relief from blotting.




People who often have problems with upper belly bloat, they should make the following changes in their lifestyle.


Increase Fiber Intake In Breakfast


To get rid of constipation and upper belly bloat, increase fiber intake by eating, especially at breakfast. Men should consume 35 grams of fiber daily and women 25 grams. But one thing is worth noting that the consumption of too much fiber or sudden increase in fiber also causes gas and bloating problems. Consuming more than 70 grams of fiber in a day has a negative effect on the stomach. Therefore, it is important to increase the amount of fiber gradually, so that the body gets time to adjust.


Reduce Soda Intake


Soda and carbonated drinks contain gas, which can cause stomach bloat. Carbon dioxide present in soda can increase the problem of blotting. Due to the sugar and artificial sweetener present in the food, there is also a problem of upper belly bloat. To avoid this, drink as much water as possible. Your problem will be solved.


Do Not Consume Chewing Gum


Due to the sugar present in chewing gum, some people have a problem of blotting. Apart from this, while chewing chewing gum, it also absorbs air, which causes upper belly bloat and gas. Take ginger or peppermint tablet instead of chewing gum.


Be Physically Active


Exercise excretes the stool and gas from the colon and also keeps the stomach clean. Exercise causes excess sodium to be released from the body through sweat, which reduces water retention. It is important to drink sufficient amount of water before and after exercise, so that there is no shortage of water in the body.


Eat At Regular Intervals


Many people have the problem of blotting after eating too much food. To avoid this, keep eating at regular intervals. By doing this, the digestive system will work in a smooth manner. Apart from this, by hastening food or drinking water from straw, the air also gets into the stomach, which produces gas and causes bloating. To avoid this, eat food slowly and do not drink water in between meals.


Use Of Probiotics


Probiotics are good bacteria that live in the intestine. Consuming probiotics supplements helps control the bacteria that produce gas in the stomach.


Decrease The Salt Content


Consuming more salt increases water retention in the body. Due to which the stomach and other parts of the body swell. Therefore, reduce the amount of salt in the food.


Get Checked


Sometimes there is a problem of upper belly bloat due to some disease. If the problem of upper belly bloat persists even after taking all measures, then check with the doctor.


Create A Food Diary


Sometimes, due to allergies to a particular type of food, there is also a problem of bloating and gas. So if you are allergic to any kind of food, then note it in the diary as soon as you know. For example, people who are allergic to lactose present in milk and dairy products. They have a problem of blotting, because their stomach is not able to digest the sugar present in dairy products.


Apart from this, people who are allergic to gluten also have a problem of blotting. Therefore, people who have any problem immediately after eating, then keep a track by eating a diary. This will make it easy for you to find out what is causing the problem of blotting.


Focus On Medicines


Some medicines and supplements, such as iron, etc. also cause constipation and indigestion. On the contrary, potassium helps to get rid of the problem of blotting by balancing the amount of sodium in the body. There are also problems of upper belly bloat due to the side effects of some medicines. If you have such problem after eating medicine, then discus it with doctor. They will tell you other options.

Friends, today you know about the treatment due to the problem of upper belly bloat, but friends, I advise you to first consult a doctor.

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