11 best belly fat exercise for men at home

Belly fat exercise for men at home
Belly fat exercise for men at home


Belly fat exercise for men at home


Friend, you want to know good and fast working belly fat exercise for men at home, so you have come to the right place because I was ever searching for such exercises and maybe I needed more such exercises than you. Because I probably had too much fat on my belly, but I had acquired a beautiful belly in a very short time and I am sharing the same short and easy home exercises with you.


Friends, it is very difficult to find time for yourself in this part-running lifestyle. But it is also important to take care of your health to keep yourself fit. In such a situation, if you manage a balanced and nutritious diet, then some men also start going to the gym, but due to lack of time, it is not possible to go to the gym daily. So we have to know the exercises to reduce belly fat for men at home, but before that we have to understand what are the reasons of belly fat in men.


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Belly fat exercise for men at home


Friends, you must have seen that nowadays most of the men are troubled by the problem of belly fat. However, in this article we are going to tell about some at-home exercises for men that can reduce belly fat quickly, but first let's try to understand what are the reasons for belly fat.


What are the causes of belly fat


Reasons for belly fat: -


Stress- There are many types of physical problems due to stress. Belly fat is also included in these problems. Stress releases cortisol hormone from the body, causing a negative impact on metabolism, with the first side effects being around the stomach. In such a situation belly fat tends to increase rapidly.


Physical Activity - Some people always have the habit of eating something. In this case, consuming excess calories is not a big deal. But if you do not do physical activity, then there is more trouble for you. It is normal to have belly fat problem due to lack of physical activity.


Consumption of alcohol- Consumption of alcohol may start the problem of belly fat along with the risk of heart or liver related diseases. Excessive alcohol intake causes a rapid increase in calorie intake, which can be seen by looking at the increased fat around the belly.


Unhealthy Diet - Belly fat is considered to be fixed due to unhealthy diet. Consuming fast food or junk food in the diet easily serves to invoke many types of health hazards.


Dysfunction of digestion- Due to any physical problem or increasing age, trouble related to digestion can start. According to doctors, if the problem related to the digestive system continues, then belly fat may increase. Therefore, keep the digestive system healthy.


Imbalance hormone level - This problem occurs more in women than men. In fact, when menopause begins in women, in such a situation, the level of estrogen hormone decreases and the level of androgen hormone increases, due to which the belly fat also increases.


Due to these reasons, there is a risk of belly fat. Sometimes, due to diseases, extra fat increases around the stomach. According to research, people who have been suffering from belly fat for a long time have a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and breast cancer than other people without belly fat. But there is no need to worry about this, just need to follow regular exercise and healthy diet, so let's know the exercises to reduce belly fat for men at home.

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Belly fat exercise for men at home


Belly fat exercise for men at home
Belly fat exercise for men at home

The following exercises to reduce belly fat for men at home: -


Boat style


Experts recommend boat style exercises to reduce belly fat. To do this, sit back with a slight bend. Then try to raise the legs up to the level of the head. Now, while leaning forward, try to touch both the feet of the feet with hands. By doing this exercise thrice a day, the excess fat on the stomach can be reduced gradually.


Cattle Ball Swing Exercise


The hardest exercises are done to reduce belly fat, which not everyone can do. In such a situation, exercising the catal ball swing can benefit. To exercise the Cattle Ball Swing, bend down and keep a little gap in both the legs. Then, hold the Cattle Balls with both hands and swing them between the legs to the shoulders.


Sit ups


Lay a mat and lie down on the mat and bend your knees. Now keep the fingers of both hands close to the ear and slowly bring the head towards the knees.


Cross leg sit ups


To do the cross leg also lie down on the mat and lift the legs slightly up and keep the fingers behind the ear and then slowly lift the body up towards the knees.


Mountain climber


If mountain climber is understood in easy language, it is like climbing a mountain. Therefore, first of all, get into the position of applying push-ups and keep the entire weight of the body on hands and toes. Then, while turning one leg forward, touch your elbow or try to touch it. Do this exercise with both feet one after the other.


Side crunch


For the side crunch, also lie down comfortably on the back. Keep one hand near the ear. Now bend the knee of one leg and lift the shoulder of the other side, touch your elbow with your knee.


Running to reduce belly fat


It is believed that there is nothing better than running to keep the body healthy and active. Running makes your heart work properly and it also burns calories. Burning calories reduces belly fat. To start running, see that you run for a short distance and run slowly according to your ability and after that when your body is ready for it, you can increase both the running distance and your speed.


Belly Fat Can Be Reduced By Swimming


Swimming also reduces the excess fat deposited in the body. Swimming is considered good for the body as well as the heart. Swimming reduces belly fat as well as full body shape. You can do this regularly for three to four days a week. Apart from this, keep in mind that if you do not know about swimming, then start it with a trainer first.


Cycling to reduce belly fat


Cycling has been considered the best and easiest cardio exercise. This helps in exercising the legs and thighs, while also helping to reduce excess body fat and is also considered a good option to reduce belly fat.


Walking is a good exercise


If you do not want to do anything new or any exercise, then walking can be a better option for you. Must walk for half an hour every morning and evening. This also reduces excess fat stored in the body. If possible, walk with fast steps. It has been considered easy and safe in the way to reduce belly fat.


Weight training


If you can find the time to go to the gym, then you can do weight training exercises. By doing weight lifting exercises, not only will the body get an attractive shape, but the digestive system will also be strong. Keep in mind that weight training in the gym should be done only under the supervision of a professional trainer.

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Belly fat exercise for men at home


Belly fat exercise for men at home
Belly fat exercise for men at home


To reduce belly fat, do not eat sugar and avoid sugar drinks.


Adding sugar separately to any food or drink is never considered good. Several studies have shown that sugar is known to be very harmful for metabolism. Half glucose and half fructose are found in sugar. Fructose has an effect on the liver. When you eat too much sugar, too much fructose gets collected in the liver and is forced to turn into fat. Several studies have shown that the accumulation of too much fructose in the body increases liver and belly fat.


Keep in mind that all exercises are done regularly at home, then gradually belly fat will start to decrease and abs will start to form. But along with all these exercises, it also becomes very important to take care of diet. Therefore, it would be better to take the right diet after consulting the diet experts and fitness experts, which can benefit more.


Many times, Belly fat does not reduce even after millions of attempts. If you have the same situation, then there may be some specific reasons: -


Trouble with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) increases the testosterone level in the body, which in turn causes weight gain in men as well as belly fat.


Some people have less fat in the thigh or hips, but excess fat accumulates on the belly. This can also be due to genetic reasons.


Even if you do not sleep for 7 to 8 hours, there is a risk of increasing belly fat.


Apart from these reasons, there can be other reasons for increasing belly fat. If you want to know the answer to any kind of questions related to belly fat, then it is better to understand from experts and doctors.


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