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Hello, I am Kurtalain Rukaiya, a professional gym trainer from Rajasthan, India. And I launched this blog in May 2020 under the name "The secret of good health".
I have a Bachelor of Arts degree. And I like to read about health from books and internet, and after that spread the information to other people. That's why I started this blog.
I myself felt that it is very important to be aware about health and I learned, read and got experience everything about it. And after that, I shared health knowledge with people in the gym, but now I want to convey to you all the health related information, if this information given by me helps any one person, then I am happy Will be. But friends i want to tell you that before use of these information take advice from doctor or trainer.
Right now due to Corona virus, I am having enough time and I am writing a constant article but I promise to friends that I will continue to provide you with new information even after the lock down. and if you want to know about any special topic of health, then write in comment box, i will try to my best that i provide a better information. If you want to contact me than email me....irshadanjumkazi@gmail.com
                                                                                   kurtlain rukaiya

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